Dr. Buckner F. Melton, Jr.

Middle Georgia State University

Announcements will appear here. You are responsible for checking this website before class each day.

Announcements: The final exam schedule for all sections is here. You are required to read this document thoroughly and carefully. 

POLS 1101: Your Nationstates obligation is now ended. You may continue to play Nationstates but you will need to move to another region by the end of final exams; otherwise I shall need to kick you out of Nostromo to prepare for next semester. I am assigning a grace period of one week for logins; if, as of 9:00 AM 28 November 2018, you have logged in within the previous week, you have earned the equivalent of three quiz 100s; otherwise you've earned the equivalent of three quiz 0s, per the syllabus instructions.