Dr. Buckner F. Melton, Jr.

Middle Georgia State University

Announcements will appear here. You are responsible for checking this website every day this semester and before class on class days. Always refresh each frame to make sure you are viewing the latest version of the page.

FINAL EXAM ANNOUNCEMENTS: The final exam schedule for all of my sections is here. The exam schedule for the university is here. Please read my schedule carefully and thoroughly, especially the policy regarding no making up of final exams. If you haven't taken the mid-term yet or you need a testing accommodation, please see me immediately. As of Wednesday 17 April, quizzes will have ended for the semester (i.e., the last quizzes are on Monday and Tuesday 15-16 April).

POLS 1101: Your nationstates commitment has ended. Since all Nostromo-registered nation states have logged in within the grace period, if you are currently in the region of Nostromo, you have received the equivalent of three quiz 100s; otherwise you have received the equivalent of three quiz zeros. I have documented regional membership as of this date.